5 Signs of a Faulty Electrical Outlet

5 Signs of a Faulty Electrical OutletEveryday people plug electrical devices into the wall in order to use and recharge them. Everything from cell phones to electric cars utilize the outlets that many people take for granted. It's crazy to think that the electricity that flows through the walls of houses can cause untold damage due to the sparking of house fires caused by faulty outlets. If you experience any of these five signs of electrical outlet failure you will want to contact an electrician right away in order to have it repaired so it does not cause a fire in your home.

Blown Fuses

If it seems like every time you plug something into a particular outlet the lights go out because a fuse is blown, you may want to avoid trying to use it until it is serviced by an electrician. There could be too much electricity flowing to that outlet and using it may cause sparks to fly.

Buzzing Noise

A constant buzzing noise that comes from an outlet is not a good sign. It generally means that there is loose wiring leading to the outlet that is allowing for the sound of flowing electricity to be audible. This can cause the outlet to arc, which may result in a burst of sparks that could lead to an even more disastrous situation.


An outlet that appears burnt on the outside may also be suffering from an arcing problem. The small explosion that occurs as electricity tries to jump from a loose wire to a ground can cause the outlet to become charred and discolored.

Burning Smell

Anytime you catch the smell of something burning you'll want to investigate closer, or better yet, have let an electrician check it out. If the smell occurs when you use a certain outlet there is a good chance that there is a short in the circuit or faulty wiring within or near the outlet. Call an electrician right away!

No Power

One of the more obvious signs that there's trouble in the walls is an outlet that produces no power. This can happen for a variety of reasons, each of which can be dangerous for you and your home. Always call a professional electrician to have electrical problems assessed, and if necessary stand by with a fire extinguisher until they arrive. This is especially true if you witness sparks or can smell burning.

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