4 Signs you Need Light Fixture Repair

4 Signs you Need Light Fixture RepairA ceiling mounted light is a fairly simple electrical fixture, but old or faulty wiring, electrical surges and other issues can give them trouble. While some problems are easy to detect and fix, such as a burnt out lightbulb, you may experience odd issues that don't really have a quick solution. When you run into these problems you'll like want to get in touch with a local residential electrician who can safely diagnose and repair the problem. Leaving electrical issues unchecked can lead to bigger problems, including house fires, which is why it is always important to have a professional assess the situation as soon as it becomes apparent. If you notice any of the following be sure to call an electrician immediately.

Flickering Lights

Lights that go on and off randomly may have light bulbs that could be suffering from an ill connection in the socket, which is the hopeful issue. However, it could be caused by corrosion on the socket, the installation of the light bulb may have damaged the connecting pins, or it could also be caused by faulty wiring.

Only Works Intermittently

If you flip the light switch and sometimes the lights come on and sometimes they don't there is a good chance the fault is in the wiring or the switch. If wiring has become loose it will only send electricity to the light when the wiring comes in contact with the switch. There could also be corrosion on the switch itself, which is preventing electricity from properly flowing between the switch and the light fixture.

Bulbs Burn Out Quickly

If your light bulbs seem to burn out rather quickly there is two things that could be happening. The first is that you're using the wrong wattage of light bulb. Check the fixture to see what sort of light it requires and ensure you have selected the right kind. The other problem that could be happening is that too much electricity is flowing to the fixture and causing the light bulb to burn faster than it should.

Light Won't Turn On at All

The most obvious sign of trouble is if the light won't come out at all, even after installing a new bulb. This could be a combination of the above issues or something completely different. Be sure to have a professional electrician take a look in order to get the issue resolved.

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