Do You Need Electrical Outlet Repair?

Do You Need Electrical Outlet Repair?People often take electricity for granted. The power it provides charges our lives! Every day. people use electricity to keep their motorized toothbrushes buzzing and electric cars zooming, all without so much as plugging in a cord to the wall. Could you imagine if that routine was disrupted? Well it very well could be if you encounter any of these common signs of electrical outlet failure. Any of these issues should be an indication to not use the outlet, as it could lead to a fire. Contact a local electrician right away to have the problem fixed right away.

No Electrical Power

Perhaps the most obvious sign of trouble with an outlet is if it produces no electrical power. This may happen for several reasons, including loose wiring burnt wires. Contact an electrician to have this hazardous problem assessed. It may even be a good idea to stand watch with a fire extinguisher until the electrician arrives.

Blown Fuses

If the power shuts off in an area of your home every time you plug something into a certain outlet there is good reason to stop using it. There is likely excessive amounts of electricity flowing to that plug-in for some reason. Continuing to use it can cause other damage to your home's electrical system.

Buzzing Sound

No, you're not hearing imaginary buzzsaws. A buzzing sound that emits from an outlet usually indicates loose wiring to the outlet that makes the flowing electricity audible. This may allow the outlet to arc and cause a burst of sparks if plugged into it.

Strange Discoloration

Another sign of an arcing problem is if it appears the outlet is burnt around the plug-in holes. This occurs following the tiny explosion that happens when electricity tries to make the leap from a loose wire end to a ground.

Burning Odor

Catching a whiff of something burning should always be concerning. If the odor appears only when using a particular outlet there is likely a short circuit or loose or faulty wiring within or near the outlet.

Do not ever use outlets that are giving you trouble, as doing so could lead to a house fire. If you need outlet repair in Kingwood, TX, or the surrounding areas reach out to the experts at Parco Electric. Our team of qualified commercial and residential electricians will ensure the outlet is repaired safely. Anytime you need an electrician in Kingwood call us at (281) 816-4826 and we'll be happy to help.

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